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Some of The Best Ways To Put More Fruits and Veggies Into Your Seniors Diet

You may know you’re supposed to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables every day to stay healthy. However, you may not know what your elderly parent consumes each day, and that can be worrisome if you have a senior parent determined to age in place. If they don’t have anything like personal care at home who can help them dress, bathe, and cook, you may not know if they’re eating healthy options.

There is a myth on the web saying that seniors don’t need to consume as many calories and they don’t need to watch what they eat. This is false. Seniors need just as many calories and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Yet this is also something hard to do as a senior. When your body ages, things like taste and smell change. They may no longer find certain foods enjoyable, and this may discourage them from eating. Personal care at home can help your senior parent in a lot of ways, but so can you.

It’s time for you to start experimenting with foods that are fresh, healthy, and easy to eat. Preparing food is something you may not have enough time for, but also it’s the way your parents are getting the nutrition they need, so it’s essential for healthy living. If you seem to not have enough time, it’s time to look at personal care at home. Until then, start out by experimenting with fruits and veggies and trying these tips to get them to eat more.

Talk About Health

Having open talks with your parents can help you figure out how to encourage them to eat more. Maybe they prefer baked broccoli instead of boiled and sauteed brussel sprouts instead of steamed. Some seniors lose their sense of taste and smell, and they may not find things as seasoned or tasty anymore. It’s essential to understand the normal process of aging but also help your parents continue to love food.

Try Out Smoothies

Creating a green smoothie from spinach, avocados, and even apples may help a senior get the nutrients they need throughout the day. If a senior struggles with chewing or swallowing, a smoothie can be a really good option for them. Most smoothies have a nice creamy consistency, but they can also be cold. This may not be the best option during the winter, but it is a great spring and summer drink. In the fall and winter, you can try making various soups to warm your parents up.

Make Casseroles

You can add vegetables, seasoning, and lean proteins to a casserole. Once you have everything boiled and chopped up, you can bake it in a dish. This is a great way to get them more vegetables and protein with some extra calories, but it is also a good way to ensure they have food for the week. Casseroles can be one of the best options for meal prepping. There are thousands of recipes you can try when it comes to casseroles.

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