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Can You Manage Your Loved Ones Care From a Distance?

It is always a balancing act to assist your parents as they age. You may want them to be safe and secure so that you are not always concerned. This can be hard to do when you're not with them, which is why many family members consider hiring in-home care to help their seniors out. They may desire to be as self-sufficient and stay at home as feasible. Living far away from your parents adds to the difficulties of caring for them, particularly if you don't have a large family to assist you, but it is possible.

Hiring in-home care professionals may allow your seniors to remain independent while also allowing you a way to monitor them. It allows you to still understand their care plan and what your mom or dad is doing daily and keeps you informed of any medical emergencies. There are ways to manage your senior's long-distance without in-home care providers, but it can be much more challenging. Here are some tips on how you can manage your loved one while being further away.

Check-In Every Day

Those of us who didn't grow up texting are typically delighted to get a phone call from folks we care about. A brief daily call — or a video call if your parents are tech-savvy — is a simple, straightforward approach to finding out how your parents are feeling, what they need, and their plans for the day ahead. Aside from the nature of your chat, you may pick up on things like a new cough or virus and cognitive or hearing impairments that may need a trip to the doctor.

During these calls, you can encourage your senior parent to go to the doctor or get out and do things. Sometimes a phone call is all your parents need to feel encouraged and loved. Seniors need different levels of care, and for some people, this approach works really well. Set up a time every day when your senior can expect a phone call from you.

Plan Visits

Some seniors really want to live on their own, and they don't want in-home care. That's fine; not everyone needs it. If you live far enough away that you can't visit daily, you still may be able to schedule a visit once a week. You and your senior can create a routine where you visit on one weekend day every week.

This gives them something to look forward to and allows you to get a sneak peek at whether they're doing okay while living independently. If you notice the house starts to become messy or they stop doing basic things, it can be a sign that you need to hire a professional to help out. Even when you hire someone, stopping by weekly will help your senior live much longer.

Set Up Deliveries For Your Parents

There is a very easy solution if the house is kept nice and they're doing everything but grocery shopping. Spend time video chatting and meal planning together. Figure out what they have been cooking a lot of and have it delivered to them weekly. Many grocery stores will now deliver food items to your seniors' doorstep. It is also an easy way to see if they're eating healthy.

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